Carving out a Holiday Tradition

It is that time of year again when the spooks come out to haunt our porches with shouts of Trick-or Treat. And every year decorations adorn our house to spook the spooks. This year is a theme of scary skeletons, ravens, and a monstrous spider in a web ready to pounce from the bushes.

But nothing says Halloween like the glow of a carved pumpkin. Every year is a new decoration with a picture to document all the calluses and hard work.

The pictures have formed a part of my own personal “photo archive” documenting events, holidays, or the everyday. I like to dip into my pictures every year to make a calendar for the next year. This month of course is decorated by pictures of pumpkins from the recent past.

Traditional 2007
Pirate 2008
Reese's 2009

Past years have included themes such as the Traditional Halloween Pumpkin (2007); Pirates (2008); The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (2009); Spooky Spiders (2010); Scaredy Cats (2011). This year we grew our own pumpkins and ended up with two. The smallest I carved this evening showing Ghoul from the Grave.

Spiders 2010
Cat 2011
Ghoul 2012

Tomorrow I will tackle the Graveyard Raven on our bigger pumpkin. Enjoy the pictures and Have a Happy Halloween!

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