The Busy Archivist

I have not written in a while and I do apologize, but I have been uninspired, rejected, accepted, and busy wearing other hats. The past couple of months I have not gotten a full time job which I am slightly ambivalent about and was denied a mini-grant which I am slightly disappointed about. But on the good side I do have a lot of work to do at my in starting up our archive and my panel submissions for promoting discussion on volunteering/interning as a positive experience in developing experience for the archival work field (Utah Library Association and Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists conferences in May).

That in a nutshell this is the root of my ambivalence. As much as I would love a full-time job I really want to set up a Special Collections and Manuscript Archive at the Highland City Library. But first of all I need the policy approved by the Library Board and then I will feel like I can really get dug in. In working on the grant application I have become familiar with my first collection. It is merely a matter of transferring the papers into folders and/or boxes and creating a finding aid.

But finding the time is always the trick when you only work 16 hours a week. For the past few months I have been wearing my collection development hat and reviewing my director’s reports on the section that I am in charge of in non-fiction. He is in the process of weeding and going through what we have, what we don’t have, what we need, and what we don’t need. Which basically works out to more books on “Finger Nail Art” and none on “Baseball”.

Between that and regular work at the circulation/reference desk I have not had much time for anything else. Of course I was very happy to see that my director did allow for the purchase of archival materials in the budget for the next fiscal year (all smiles). Still my current project is another time consuming endeavor that is on a rather tight schedule. Again this year I will be in charge of the Utah ShakeOut! at our Library/City Offices which is a statewide earthquake drill.

My hope for this year is to have a building evacuation after the earthquake drill. It would be wonderful if the Fire Department could participate with the kids from Storytime also joining in on all the fun, but we shall have to see. In the meantime I am preparing a Flat Stanley and Flat Stella display for our bulletin board that emphasizes the 7 Steps to Earthquake Safety especially that of preparing an emergency go bag (Q: What can you not do without? A: Chocolate). I am also preparing some handouts with coloring pages for the kids of Flat Stanley and Flat Stella as well as the 7 Steps.

So I am keeping busy and just found that I am one panelist short for my ULA conference which I will have to find a replacement for. There is no rest for the busy archivist!

What do you think?

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