Time and Some Change

The autumn has come. While the days grow shorter I wonder what happened to my summer. I had such great plans to work through our City Recorder’s collection perhaps working a little MPLP into the mix to get things going in our little Special Collections and Manuscript Archive. But Summer Reading happened. And you wouldn’t think that would have too much of an effect on my schedule except we are a small library where the employees wear many hats.

It is not that the Summer Reading program specifically took away my time, but I am also in charge of the preservation of the collection. In the summer our book collection circulates at a higher rate especially the children’s books. Some books were turned in by concerned kids who found damaged pages. I always thank them for being so observant and sometimes even put the book on hold for them. Other books were caught by either me or other staff.

This summer I also noticed that I was getting a lot of perfect binding (glued spines) in the repairs cupboard. Many of these books are limited print editions of LDS titles. I decided that I would work to rebind these books using boards from the new book press and clips to secure the pages while I re-glued the spines. However it seems this has even gotten the best of me lately. It just seems like there isn’t enough hours in the day especially working only part-time.

This year I have been debating the progress of my professional development opportunities. For a time I considered getting a Master’s Degree in History wondering if I should study military or general U.S. history. I also had a lingering idea about studying Digital Media at Utah Valley University. During the CIMA Annual Conference in May I had the occasion to have a good discussion with a fellow archivist about my thoughts. He basically told me that I did not need a second degree in history which I have to agree with.

In January I will begin my program of an AAS in Digital Communication Technology at UVU. I will only be attending part-time so the program will take a little longer than most students. However I believe that this will give me the chance to obtain a foundation in the areas of photography, audio, and film whether items are born digital or are digitized. Fortunately I was able to switch my work schedule to nights and weekends a few months ago. This will give me time to go to school during the day and a little time to volunteer here and there where I can. Speaking of not having enough hours . . .

What do you think?

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