My love of libraries began at the age of four when my new preschool was not living up to my expectations except for Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we went to the local library for storytime. I was enthralled and in love with libraries, books, and everything that came along with them. When I was five my family moved to England where I gained a deep appreciation for history, art, literature, and musty old book shops.

As a teenager in Virginia I worked as a library page and dreamed of one day being a librarian for NASA. My math grades were never brilliant and finding out that I had to have a degree in science was not something I thought I could handle. In fact college right after high school proved to be too much for my brain to handle so I took a break. However I did not sit on my hands and did complete a course in Office Technologies which improved my typing skills and gave me a foundation in computers and computer programs.

It was not for another several years and another move that I completed an AA degree at Utah Valley State College (now Utah Valley University) in History and Political Science, another passion. I finished off my BA in History at Brigham Young University concentrating in British and European History drawing on my childhood in England. After my degree I took some more time off, because what do you do with a history degree? Eventually I helped my parents out in their store Knight’s Legend where we sold everything to do with knights, dragons, fairies, coats of arms, and family name histories.

In 2008 the economy hit our store and we had to close our doors. I went to work in a grocery store and found myself working in the deli. It’s not that I hadn’t tried to get a job in a library and I had thought about getting my MLS again in fact I made it my next mission. I kept looking and found both a MLS program via Emporia State University and a job as a part-time library assistant. In September of that same year I started at Highland City Library.

A year later, prior to my cohort beginning I took an Emporia course in preservation from Randy Silverman. This class inspired me to work on an Archives Studies Certificate bringing together my love of librarianship with history. December 2011 marked the end of my MLS program. But I soon discovered that my education is not at an end in January 2014 I begin my adventures in Digital Media with an AAS program in Digital Communication Technology (Digital Media) at UVU.