A Center for History

In my continuing education as an archivist reading professional books such as The Lone Arranger, taking SAA sanctioned Digital Archives Specialist classes, attending workshops provided by the state run Utah Historical Society, and volunteering at Utah Valley University archive I have been exposed to more and more ideas on how our library can expand our Special Collections and Manuscript Archive in the not so distant future. Continue reading A Center for History

Step One Part Two: A Matter of Policy

Since the last time we met I have completed a rough draft of the policies for the Special Collections and Manuscript Archive at our library. By rough draft I mean something I have been composing for several months, reading and re-reading, editing over and again, and read over by other archivists for sensibility and tail covering to the best of my ability. Thank you again to those individuals who reviewed and commented on my work, you know who you are. Continue reading Step One Part Two: A Matter of Policy

Is My MLS Worth It?

Recently on the SAA SNAP (Society of American Archivists Students and New Archival Professionals) Roundtable listserv a certain Forbes article “The Best And Worst Master’s Degrees For Jobs” by Jacquelyn Smith has ruffled some feathers. Smith proclaimed in her article that the number one worst Master’s Degree according to her dedicated research was that of Library and Information Science. Continue reading Is My MLS Worth It?

Side Projects

While I am still cleaning up the policies, formatting the forms so that they will all look like they came from the same institution, picking up my copy of The Lone Arranger for inspiration, and signing up for more Digital Archives Specialist classes I still do not think I am doing enough. Continue reading Side Projects

This Week in the Archive . . .

Beginning last week the assistant librarian will be working each day. As she is in charge of ILL’s and is an extra person able to work circulation duties. Also Monday morning volunteers are greatly appreciated in shelving items and straightening the library from the weekend (We love our volunteers and thank them profusely). I am very pleased that these two instances will allow me more time to work on the special collections and archive collection policies. Continue reading This Week in the Archive . . .

MPLP: A Continuing Debate

This posting was originally written on 08/05/2012, but for some reason did not publish properly . . .

In honor of the upcoming SAA conference in San Diego I wanted to address one of the sessions I attended last year. Although as a student during last year’s conference I was eager to jump in and learn what issues archivists were concerned about.  I chose sessions based on interest and this one in particular, Re-Arranging Arrangement and Description Continue reading MPLP: A Continuing Debate

Step One: Policies

When it finally sank in that I had the opportunity to start an archive at our library to handle the handful of collections we had already received I decided to purchase a book to help. Although I have had several courses in archives nothing really has prepared me how to start from the very beginning. I had heard about a new book for lone archivists by Christina Zamon on the Lone Arrangers listserv and decided to see if it would help out. Continue reading Step One: Policies

Copyright and the Archival Experience

My goal to get on with creating policies for our Special Collections and  Manuscript Archive has met headlong with the inevitable thrill of the Summer Reading Program. Not to say that I am not happy at seeing the kids excited about reading and libraries, but little else beyond my circulation duties and keeping my pile of repairs to a minimum is getting done. That being said this week I am returning to why I am working on creating library policies in the first place.

My Director from the very beginning has stated that he wants to be able to allow access to our small collection via digitization. Now we as archivists all know that there is a huge gap between having items and throwing them out on the Internet. The first hurdle is . . . All together now . . . Continue reading Copyright and the Archival Experience

SAA Roundtable Discussion Listservs

While I am currently working on my policies for the future Highland Library Special Collections and Manuscript Archive I thought I would extol the benefits of archival roundtables with active listservs. I currently belong to both the regional Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists (CIMA) and the national Society of American Archivists (SAA). However my biggest day to day connection is through two SAA roundtable listservs. Continue reading SAA Roundtable Discussion Listservs

Tabernacle Memories and Meanings an Oral History Project

In my last post I mentioned that I am working on my continuing education by volunteering at the George Sutherland Archive at Utah Valley University. At the archive I have had the opportunity to learn different aspects of working in an archive and last January I assisted in transcribing interviews about LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) tabernacles located in Utah. This project is being conducted by Ron Smith Ph.D. with grants from the Utah Humanities Council and Utah State History.

Admittedly I had never done any kind of transcription before, but the history and people in the interviews proved intriguing to me. Continue reading Tabernacle Memories and Meanings an Oral History Project