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The Busy Archivist

I have not written in a while and I do apologize, but I have been uninspired, rejected, accepted, and busy wearing other hats. The past couple of months I have not gotten a full time job which I am slightly ambivalent about and was denied a mini-grant which I am slightly disappointed about. But on the good side Continue reading The Busy Archivist

Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

A few months ago I think it was November I began working on my biggest project so far as a volunteer at the Utah Valley University Archives. It was twelve boxes of varying size and style piled sometimes two levels high with various folders and paperwork from the university’s Continuing Education department. As usual most of it was not in any kind of order. Continue reading Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

City Recorder’s Office Mini-Grant Project

Last month I had the opportunity to apply for a mini-grant for our Special Collections and Manuscript Archive. The only problem was that I had no idea what exactly we had in our various collections and little time to find out. My first thought was to gear my application towards purchasing supplies to rehouse a particular collection. Next was to pick which collection to start with. Continue reading City Recorder’s Office Mini-Grant Project

Digging In

Last Friday I had the opportunity to speak at a workshop on creating successful volunteer programs in archives. My portion of the program covered my personal perspective on why I am a volunteer (want of experience in the field). I am not quite sure if I got the point across however through all the hand wringing I think I made some point possibly that I am prone to hand wringing. I also met with one of the workshop presenters that I asked to be on a possible panel for the Utah Library Association annual meeting next year.

At the workshop I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hosts Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) were advertising the availability of some mini-grants that can be used for things such as buying items to house archival collections. This was like the clouds parting and the heavens singing. Continue reading Digging In

A Center for History

In my continuing education as an archivist reading professional books such as The Lone Arranger, taking SAA sanctioned Digital Archives Specialist classes, attending workshops provided by the state run Utah Historical Society, and volunteering at Utah Valley University archive I have been exposed to more and more ideas on how our library can expand our Special Collections and Manuscript Archive in the not so distant future. Continue reading A Center for History

Side Projects

While I am still cleaning up the policies, formatting the forms so that they will all look like they came from the same institution, picking up my copy of The Lone Arranger for inspiration, and signing up for more Digital Archives Specialist classes I still do not think I am doing enough. Continue reading Side Projects

Tabernacle Memories and Meanings an Oral History Project

In my last post I mentioned that I am working on my continuing education by volunteering at the George Sutherland Archive at Utah Valley University. At the archive I have had the opportunity to learn different aspects of working in an archive and last January I assisted in transcribing interviews about LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) tabernacles located in Utah. This project is being conducted by Ron Smith Ph.D. with grants from the Utah Humanities Council and Utah State History.

Admittedly I had never done any kind of transcription before, but the history and people in the interviews proved intriguing to me. Continue reading Tabernacle Memories and Meanings an Oral History Project