Archival Technology

Artifact Name:         

LI827 The Future of Preservation: Combining Digitization and Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems in Research Libraries (Artifact)

MLS Outcome:         

P.O. 4 Technological Knowledge and Skills: Employ current and emerging technologies effectively for communication, and to search for, identify, repackage, and deliver information resources.

Reflective Statement:

The purpose Preservation Strategies (LI827) is to provide an introduction into the preservation of library and archival materials. One of the course outcomes is to be able to understand the ethical considerations involved in preservation versus digital replication for access. Many use the term digital preservation in order to justify removing delicate items from their collection due to concerns for space in order to replace this with the digital copy. I however, agree with Baker and Tanselle’s theories where it is important to keep the original copy of an item in accordance to preservation.

For our final project in this course we were required to present research on a topic dealing with preservation. I chose to look at better ways to enable research institutions allow access to rare and or delicate items while enabling them to seek better storage solutions. My research combined the concepts of digitization for better access and the use of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) for high capacity storage.

The creation of this artifact demonstrates my ability to look to technology for solutions in archival preservation by combining digitization and ASRS in research institutions to better deliver information resources to patrons.