Artifact Name:         

LI804 U.S. Archival Arrangement & Description: A Bibliography (Artifact)

MLS Outcome:         

P.O. 5 Reference and User Services: Retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information resources to fulfill an information needs assessment; evaluate the usefulness of these resources to the user.

Reflective Statement:

The purpose of Organization of Information (LI804) is as an introduction to perspectives of organizing information. In as such we learned to provide examples of schemes that have been developed to make sense of collections of information. The final project for the course was to prepare a critical annotated bibliography expanding on the course readings of Taylor and Joudrey’s retrieval tools in aiding access to relevant research.

For my bibliography I created a unique listing of Websites, articles and books concerning the definition, standards, and manuals relating to archival arrangement and description in the United States of America. As it only concerned one country this selected bibliography contains some of the more significant literature in the area of archival arrangement and description including works by Miller, Roe, and Schellenberg.

This artifact demonstrates my ability to analyze and evaluate various texts pertaining to archival arrangement and description and prepare an informative bibliography. Also it allowed me to determine what manuals I should own as an archivist and I have purchased four texts since completing this bibliography.