Information Retrieval

Artifact Name:         

LI809 Minding the Gap: Issues in Archiving Electronic Discourse (Artifact)

MLS Outcome:         

P.O. 3 Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information: Explain, use, maintain, and develop systems to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge.

Reflective Statement:

The purpose of Introduction to Archives (LI809) is to create a foundation for elements of the archival profession. Some of the issues covered by the course include selection and appraisal, arrangement and description, reference services and access, and management. One of the course outcomes includes being able to gain an understanding of the archival mission especially in how it relates to current and future technologies. As part of the course we were required to complete a research paper.

For my paper I decided to look into the problems of archiving digital electronic discourse applying Lloyd’s theories on the prevention of collective amnesia. My interest was to examine the importance of archiving the current social historical record employing examples such as the Library of Congress Twitter archival project and the Internet Archive’s archiving of Internet Websites. I also discussed issues in privacy, copyrights, and long-term access.

This artifact demonstrates an understanding of how agencies are developing new and innovative systems to preserve Web content and make it possible to retrieve recorded knowledge in the future.