Research Behavior

Artifact Name:         

LI802 Research Behavior of University Students (Artifact)

MLS Outcome:         

P.O. 1 Foundations of the Profession: Articulate a philosophy of ethical and client-centered information services for the library and information professions.

Reflective Statement:

The purpose of Theoretical Foundations of Service Diagnosis & Customization (LI802) is an introduction to understanding human information seeking behavior. We learned that everyone goes about obtaining information differently and how to be aware of this when working with information seekers. The majority of the course was spent determining how to best customize services by assessing individual information needs.

One of the assignments in this class was to do a research paper focusing on the experiences of an individual who just completed an information search. I thought it would be interesting to do two interviews with two undergraduate university students both female and in their early twenties. The difference between the two was that one student, Caucasian, was born in the United States of America and the other, Asian, and was born in Mongolia. I was interested in how each student approached the research process for a class assignment. As part of this paper I also compared how the students went about their information seeking as compared to Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process (ISP) theory.

Through this artifact I found that there are many levels that affect an information seeker. Not only personality types, but also cultural backgrounds can affect how one goes about their research. This artifact demonstrates my ability to anticipate researcher needs and respond by providing individualized information services.