Research Methodology

Artifact Name:         

LI810 Collection Development in Joint-Use Libraries (Artifact)

MLS Outcome:         

P.O. 6 Research: Evaluate, critique, and discuss new research in the field; assess library or information problems and identify an appropriate research method.

Reflective Statement:

The purpose of Research in Library and Information Science (LI810) is as an introduction to research methods as they apply to the Library and Information Science fields. The course acted as a theoretical foundation for the practical procedures involved in conducting research. As a part of the course we as students were required to participate in a group project creating a detailed research methodology including areas of literature review.

Our group drawing on a real world scenario set out to complete a research methodology that deals with collection development for a joint-use library at West Desert High School. While performing a literature review my group found that much of the available literature catered to joint-use libraries that were already in existence. However, some of research methodologies did utilize a survey of patrons in the collection of data. Ultimately we decided that our research would be an update of Obert’s (1988) and Worthy, Moorman, & Turner’s (1999) attempt at survey-based collection development where we would determine the needs of the West Desert community first by survey then by a modified focus group.

The completion of this project demonstrates my understanding of the use of qualitative data collection and analysis procedures, how to apply them to research in a library environment, and how that research can add to the current literature and aid other information professionals in advancing the field.