Prior to the October 2008 opening of the Highland City Library in Highland, Utah I was hired as a part-time Library Assistant. Both at the direction of my Director, Kent Slade and on my own initiative I have participated in and contributed to various parts of the library’s day to day activities. The items below reflect projects and training that I have worked on in the proceeding years while working at the Highland City Library (2008-2014).

Procedures & Policies

Highland City Library Special Collections and Manuscript Archive Collection Policy & Forms (Passed by the Highland City Library Board 2013)

Highland City Library Disaster and Emergency Plan (Original 2012)

Training Presentations

Highland City Library Book Repair (Prezi.com November 11, 2013)

Digital Devices (Prezi.com November 11, 2013)

Emergency Preparedness 2013 (Prezi.com November 11, 2013)

Highland City Special Collections & Manuscript Archive (Prezi.com November 11, 2013)

Highland City Library Emergency & Disaster Plan (PowerPoint November 9, 2012)

Easy Mending: Quick and Dirty Triage Tricks (PowerPoint November 11, 2011)

Easy Mending Handout

Miscellaneous Reports

2011-2012 Collection Development Highland City Library

Highland City Library ShakeOut 2012 Summary Report