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The Busy Archivist

I have not written in a while and I do apologize, but I have been uninspired, rejected, accepted, and busy wearing other hats. The past couple of months I have not gotten a full time job which I am slightly ambivalent about and was denied a mini-grant which I am slightly disappointed about. But on the good side Continue reading The Busy Archivist

City Recorder’s Office Mini-Grant Project

Last month I had the opportunity to apply for a mini-grant for our Special Collections and Manuscript Archive. The only problem was that I had no idea what exactly we had in our various collections and little time to find out. My first thought was to gear my application towards purchasing supplies to rehouse a particular collection. Next was to pick which collection to start with. Continue reading City Recorder’s Office Mini-Grant Project

Digging In

Last Friday I had the opportunity to speak at a workshop on creating successful volunteer programs in archives. My portion of the program covered my personal perspective on why I am a volunteer (want of experience in the field). I am not quite sure if I got the point across however through all the hand wringing I think I made some point possibly that I am prone to hand wringing. I also met with one of the workshop presenters that I asked to be on a possible panel for the Utah Library Association annual meeting next year.

At the workshop I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hosts Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) were advertising the availability of some mini-grants that can be used for things such as buying items to house archival collections. This was like the clouds parting and the heavens singing. Continue reading Digging In