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Veteran’s Day 1972 a Belated Post

This Veteran’s Day we celebrate my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.

We also honor my father’s 20 year service in the United States Air Force (1971-1991) as a Vietnam Era Veteran; My paternal grandfather’s service in the United States Army; and My maternal grandparents service in the United States Navy and the Women’s Royal Naval Service; along with various cousins who have served or continue to serve in other branches of the United States Armed Services.

I myself am honored to have been a Military Brat representing my country overseas and am in possession of my father’s retirement flag and my maternal grandfather’s burial flag.

Carving out a Holiday Tradition

It is that time of year again when the spooks come out to haunt our porches with shouts of Trick-or Treat. And every year decorations adorn our house to spook the spooks. This year is a theme of scary skeletons, ravens, and a monstrous spider in a web ready to pounce from the bushes.

But nothing says Halloween like the glow of a carved pumpkin. Continue reading Carving out a Holiday Tradition