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Digital Me-dia

As I have tried to explain it, to civilians, archives are moving into the digital realm. Whether things are being digitized for better access or are born digital we are at a juncture where basic archival skills just are not enough. This year I am on the road to creating some new digital media skills. Continue reading Digital Me-dia

Time and Some Change

The autumn has come. While the days grow shorter I wonder what happened to my summer. I had such great plans to work through our City Recorder’s collection perhaps working a little MPLP into the mix to get things going in our little Special Collections and Manuscript Archive. But Summer Reading happened. Continue reading Time and Some Change

Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

A few months ago I think it was November I began working on my biggest project so far as a volunteer at the Utah Valley University Archives. It was twelve boxes of varying size and style piled sometimes two levels high with various folders and paperwork from the university’s Continuing Education department. As usual most of it was not in any kind of order. Continue reading Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

A Center for History

In my continuing education as an archivist reading professional books such as The Lone Arranger, taking SAA sanctioned Digital Archives Specialist classes, attending workshops provided by the state run Utah Historical Society, and volunteering at Utah Valley University archive I have been exposed to more and more ideas on how our library can expand our Special Collections and Manuscript Archive in the not so distant future. Continue reading A Center for History