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Finding Value in Internships & Voluteering Panel Presentations

This piece was originally composed for the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists’ Newsletter  Vol. 40 Issue 3 June 2013

In May I chaired two panels on the advantages of creating worthwhile internships and volunteer opportunities for aspiring archival professionals. These panels grew out of an increase in concern over gaining professional experience versus doing “grunt work.” Continue reading Finding Value in Internships & Voluteering Panel Presentations

Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

A few months ago I think it was November I began working on my biggest project so far as a volunteer at the Utah Valley University Archives. It was twelve boxes of varying size and style piled sometimes two levels high with various folders and paperwork from the university’s Continuing Education department. As usual most of it was not in any kind of order. Continue reading Big Project or Why You Need a Retention Schedule

Digging In

Last Friday I had the opportunity to speak at a workshop on creating successful volunteer programs in archives. My portion of the program covered my personal perspective on why I am a volunteer (want of experience in the field). I am not quite sure if I got the point across however through all the hand wringing I think I made some point possibly that I am prone to hand wringing. I also met with one of the workshop presenters that I asked to be on a possible panel for the Utah Library Association annual meeting next year.

At the workshop I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hosts Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB) were advertising the availability of some mini-grants that can be used for things such as buying items to house archival collections. This was like the clouds parting and the heavens singing. Continue reading Digging In

Continuing Education

Let’s face it no program will cover everything we need to learn and at the rate our digital age is progressing every year it is all we can do to keep up personally let alone professionally. I can say that I began my pursuit of continuing education while I was still working on my MLS. Most of it was free online self paced courses through the University of North Texas’ LE@D program that is currently in funding limbo. Another course was an online workshop on Metadata through Lyrasis. Each class helped me verify what I already knew like an internal self check system as well as added to my knowledge base.

My Archives Studies Certificate covered the basics of archives Continue reading Continuing Education

The Para Archivist and the Light Bulb

In December 2011 I graduated with my MLS and an Archives Studies Certificate. For the past three years I have been working as a paraprofessional Library Assistant at Highland City Library in Utah. In September 2011 I began interning/volunteering at Utah Valley University Archives. Currently my days are filled with part-time work and part-time volunteering with an hour at the gym in the evenings and thankfully weekends off. Nights are dedicated to finding full time professional work as an Archivist. Here and there I make time for additional training workshops and conferences.

Last week I became depressed Continue reading The Para Archivist and the Light Bulb